Tuesday, March 19, 2019

18) Hanabi

Welcome to Dice Spotlight! I’m your Gamemaster, Jonathan, here at Connexxions Cafe. This blog highlights different games that we have at the Cafe that you may want to check out. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite!

When playing a card game, have you ever drawn a card and placed it the wrong way into your hand, so that the number is facing outward (probably not, but just roll with it)? What if, your WHOLE HAND is facing outward,so you have no idea what cards you've got? BOOOOOM MIND BLOWN!

We're looking at a small card game named Hanabi, which means "fireworks" in Japanese (I didn't have to look that up, learning Japanese has actually had its benefits in my time exploring board games :o). You and your friends were just a tad bit clumsy and somehow mixed up all the boxes of fireworks. Don't worry, you've got ti-  WHAT, THE EVENT IS ABOUT TO START?!?! QUICK, FIGURE OUT WHICH FIREWORKS ARE WHICH COLOURS OR ELSE WE'RE DONE FOR!

On each card, there will be 1 colour out of 5 (6 if you're adding the special rainbow fireworks) and a number between 1 and 5. Your goal as a team is create a pile for each colour and place cards in ascending order (start with 1, go all the way up to 5). You're dealt a hand of cards, which you hold up so that the other players can see the front face and you the back. Look down below to see my lovely assistant, Nolan, demonstrate. See how happy he is? That's because he's working WITH the Gamemaster and not putting in a futile effort to beat me in a competitive game.
Dismantling a rubix cube is optional when playing Hanabi

One thing you can do on your turn is play a card to the firework piles. You've got to be careful though, because if you play a card at the wrong time (as in, not in ascending order), you lose a life and are closer to blowing up the whole display and losing the game! So maybe get SOME idea on what you've got in your hand.

To piece that together, your teammate can use up a "time token" to give a piece of information. That could be "These cards *points to certain cards* are blue" or "These two are 5's". It can only be one type of info and you have to give the full data (if you say "these are 3's" you can't leave out a 3 that you don't want him to play).

You can also discard a card to gain a time token back. But that causes the draw pile to get smaller and smaller (since you always draw a card to replace it). If that runs out, you have to show off the fireworks that you've scored. It may not be a perfect show, but at least the crowd will be happy to see SOMETHING. I've never gotten the best rank, but an average of 16-19's not too shabby!

The pic to the left is our last game of the night, where Nolan had 1 card he was able to score with from his hand (out of 5). It would bring us to 21, the second best rank! But we only had 1 life left, so he shuffled his cards and drew at random. It was the right one!

Hanabi has a really cool concept and is quite fun playing it with different groups. I think it might get a little boring after a few plays, but it's perfect for being in a board game cafe, where trying new games is the whole point! It's doing enough right to start off a game night with a bang!

Thank you for stopping by! Come visit us at the cafe at 12644 137 Ave, Edmonton. You can ask me about a certain game that you’ve always wanted to learn. I’d be happy to work through it with you :) See you next time!

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