Thursday, June 14, 2018

9) Century Spice Road

Welcome to Dice Spotlight! I’m your Gamemaster, Jonathan, here at Connexxions Cafe. This blog highlights different games that we have at the Cafe that you may want to check out. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite!

When you hear, "trading spices in the Mediterranean", what's your first thoughts? It doesn't fill you with excitement? Oh. Well, Century Spice Road has kind of a bland theme and is not the best look to it, but stay with me here! It's a really neat little game that hooks you with simple gameplay, but has a certain depth for those that like to plan out the most efficient path.

The goal of Century Spice Road is to get the most points by claiming high-value demand cards (shown on the right). You can grab these by trading in the required spices. That first card needs 3 yellow, 1 red, 1 green, 1 brown (well TECHNICALLY they are Tumeric, Saffron, Cardamom, and Cinnamon, but hopefully you forgive me for naming them by their colour). The way you gain spices? Playing cards that let you either trade spices you own for different kinds, gain ones for free, or upgrade them to more valuable types. 
Remember when I wrote about Dominion? Similar to that, this game has a deck-building feel to it. You start the game with 2 cards, a "gain 2 yellow cubes" and an "upgrade 2 spices". These aren't very powerful cards, so you need to get better ones to let you do more! One option during your turn is grab a new card from a face-up line of cards. Go ahead and grab that trade green fo-   where did it go? Well you see, your opponents are choosing cards from that same lineup (and along those lines, going for the same victory point cards) and they can snatch up the one you hoping to add to your deck!
I feel kind of weird writing about this game because it's a game that is really interesting to play, but talking about it just seems difficult to explain why it's a fun game! As I said with Dominion, I love watching your deck get more powerful and chaining the trading cards together so each turn it seems like you're making big leaps in progress towards those point cards. It also has a certain feel to the game that gets you to think through each turn, which even though I like games that get people talking and engaging, I can appreciate. I know many people who really like this game, and while I wouldn't pick this out every day, every once in awhile, I like sitting down for a game of Century Spice Road and seeing my caravan of spices fill up with that valuable cinnamon!
Thanks for reading today's blog. As always, come visit the Connexxions Cafe (12644 137 Ave, Edmonton) and check it out! Or ask me about a certain game that you’ve always wanted to learn. I’d be happy to work through it with you :) Hope to see you soon!

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