Thursday, March 29, 2018

3) Dutch Blitz

Welcome to Dice Spotlight! I’m your Gamemaster, Jonathan, here at Connexxions Cafe. This blog highlights different games that we have at the Cafe that you may want to check out. Maybe you’ll discover a new favourite!

Today's game is one I didn't think I'd have to talk about because I thought it was almost as well-known as Uno. But just about every time I recommend Dutch Blitz to guests that walk in, they say they either haven't heard of it or don't know how to play! Maybe it's an Ontario thing where you have to know this game. Anyway, I'm get sidetracked...

Dutch Blitz is a 2-4 player (up to 8 with the expansion) card game where the goal is to get rid of your "Blitz pile" (made up of 10 cards) and score the most points by playing cards from your deck into the middle area. You have 4 "Post piles" to help finish off that Blitz pile. When 1 of the cards from Post pile is played, you take the top card from your Blitz pile to take its place. There are 4 colours (this game LOVES the number 4) and each card will have a number between 1 and 10. Cards are played in ascending order and each colour will have its own pile (and multiple piles of the same colour). What makes this game interesting and exciting is that all of this is played in real time as each person is scurrying to put their card on the pile first before someone steals that spot!

Dutch Blitz has an interesting mechanic where the only cards that you're able to play from your deck is every 3rd card! Let me explain. You hold the deck in your hand, face down. Then count out 3 cards. This is when you flip them over to reveal that card. If it has a legal move on the table, go and play it! If not, count out another 3 and flip. Rinse and repeat. This is one of the key elements of Dutch Blitz, where you try to figure out the fastest way to flip those cards consistently.
The other two important skills is keeping track of what cards are on the table and the reaction time to place your card when you get chance, faster than your opponents. I happen to be be quite good at this *blows smoke off finger gun*! With 4 players, there is so much chaos, so it can be hard to keep up. But you have to! Scanning the table quickly for openings takes practice, but once you get good at it, it's where I get the most excited when playing. I seem to like games where there's some sort of time pressure (Escape: The Curse of the Temple is my favourite game of all time) and Dutch Blitz delivers! There's such a thrill when you smash your card on the table a split second before the other person did and you just get to laugh at the feeble attempt to dethrone the Master! ...I think I get into this game too much. ANYWAY, this game is so easy to pick up and learn (as you know, a game master loves to hear that) and since its a card game, Dutch Blitz is extremely portable! Its probably my favourite camping game! But of course it fits in perfectly on a table at a lovely board game cafe ;)

As always, thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoy getting a little glimpse of the magic that board games can bring. Come visit the Connexxions Cafe (12644 137 Ave, Edmonton) and say hi! Or ask me about a certain game that you’ve always wanted to learn. I’d be happy to work through it with you :) Have an INCREDIBLE day!


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